What is the betting market like in Tanzania?

    The Tanzanian gambling industry is one of the fastest-growing betting industries in Africa as more people are looking to explore the space daily. Tanzania betting sites experience an influx of new visitors which is a metric that shows more people are interested in betting. With betting, Tanzanian bettors can wager on the sports they enjoy watching.

    “The popular sports bettors wager on include football, horse racing, basketball, baseball, cricket, and boxing. As expected, football is the most popular sport in many African countries including Tanzania. Here, the majority are football fans and hence tend to wager more on football. This is because they already understand the sport and can take advantage of the knowledge,” states Dipo Lukman (Takebet Tanzania), a sports betting expert.

    After football, the next popular sport Tanzanian bettors wager on is Tennis. So, punters who do not want to wager on football can consider tennis betting. In this article, you will learn what the betting market in Tanzania is like and how you can join in the fun. Let’s get to it.

    Is betting legal in Tanzania?

    Yes, betting is legal in Tanzania and punters can place wagers as desired. Tanzania legalized gambling in 2003 after the Gaming Act of Tanzania. All betting companies hence require a legal license to operate in Tanzania. Also, there are specific rules and regulations to abide by as all gambling activities are regulated by The Tanzanian Gaming Board.

    One of the factors that led to the legalization of betting is the love of sports in the country. Thousands of Tanzanians love watching sports and betting was an opportunity to be invested in it. It is also reported that the gambling industry constitutes about three and a half percent of the Tanzanian GDP.

    History of betting regulation in Tanzania

    Tanzania is one of the African countries where people have a profound love for sports. Betting has long existed in Tanzania before the Tanzanian government passed two acts that facilitated betting. The Investment Protection, Promotion Act and the Tanzanian investment Act were passed in 1992 and 1997 respectively.

    This gave rise to the number of Tanzanian residents involved in gambling which led to the regulation of betting companies in 2003. Although the Tanzanian government was bound to generate revenue from the regulation, the regulation also protected bettors from being exploited by any betting company.

    As we know it, the internet came and further changed things. People could now place wagers from the comfort of their homes and betting companies moved to leverage it. Online betting sites came into the mix and since the past regulations did not include online gambling, newer regulations were required.

    Tanzania began to regulate online betting sites in 2012 which made them one of the pioneering African countries to act in that line. They further passed new regulations in 2016 which the Tanzanian Gaming Board is responsible for enforcing. The Tanzania betting industry continues to grow and make a substantial contribution to the Tanzanian economy.

    List of top sports betting companies in Tanzania

    There are several betting sites in Tanzania hence, it is important to filter the noise and select the best sports betting sites. Here are some of the top online sports betting sites in Tanzania:

    1. 1xBet
    2. Betway Tanzania
    3. WakaBet
    4. Bet365
    5. BetPawa
    6. PremierBet
    7. SportPesa
    8. PariMatch
    9. M-Bet
    10. Meridian Bet

    How to choose the best betting site in Tanzania?

    When choosing a Tanzanian betting site, there are some boxes that such bookies should check. Here are some of the criteria to consider when choosing a Tanzanian betting site:


    Before choosing a betting site, always confirm if it is a legally licensed sportsbook.

    Using an unlicensed bookie isn’t only a crime but also exposes you to scams. Before using a betting platform, verify the legitimacy of the site. This information is usually added to the footer of the betting website. However, it doesn’t hurt to verify with other legit sources.


    Odds are multipliers and one thing bettors love is high odds. When choosing bookmakers, give preference to the ones that offer competitive odds. High odds help you to win more especially if you place your wager in an accumulator bet.

    However, you need to be careful as some fraudulent bookies may offer ridiculously high odds to lure customers. It is better to consider the quality of a bookie rather than just high odds.

    Betting Markets

    Every bettor wants flexibility. Most sportsbooks offer an extensive range of sports and betting markets to wager on which as a bettor, gives you the much-desired flexibility. Customers may want to bet on sports like football, hockey, basketball, tennis, and baseball on the same bookie.

    Also, ensure that major competitions like the UEFA Champions League, La Liga, NFL, and NBA playoffs are available on the platform. Most bookmakers also feature an online casino and virtual games section that Tanzanian bettors can leverage.

    Bonus and Promotion Offers

    Bonuses have always been an essential part of the game. Many bookies use bonuses to encourage their customers to place bets on their platforms. These bonuses are usually free bets which help lower the risks a punter is exposed to when placing wagers.

    For instance, a welcome bonus means a bookmaker offers a free bet to a new customer. Bookies also roll out promotions and you will often find information about these promotion offers on their websites or socials. Ensure you keep an eye out.

    User Experience

    A good betting site should be easy to interact with. Not all bettors are tech-savvy so the platform needs to also accommodate individuals that fall in that category. The betting site should be easy to navigate and placing bets should not be a difficult task. Most bookies now have a mobile betting app to facilitate a good user experience.

    Customer Service

    Top bookmakers have responsive customer support. This indicates that they respect their customers and want to treat them in the best way possible. Ensure you choose a sportsbook that offers top customer service to its customers


    The betting market in Tanzania is wide and accommodates punters with different preferences. However, while betting could be fun, the risks associated should be considered. Don’t bet more than you can lose and withdraw your winnings regularly.

    I hope this article has been helpful, I wish you a profitable betting experience.

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