Africa Day

Africa-OnTheRise Celebrates #AfricaDay
Happy Africa Day from Africa-OnTheRise

Africa-OnTheRise is celebrating #AfricaDay 2017 by emphasizing the exemplary stories of Africans, within and beyond, who are contributing to building a great continent.

The month of May is considered #AfricaMonth and May 25 is recognized as #AfricaDay, the annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organization of African Unity, now known as African Union (AU). The African Union’s theme for 2017 is “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through Investments in Youth,” and Africa-OnTheRise wants to propel this theme by sharing inspiring stories of people, especially young people, who are driving the #AfricaRising narrative in remarkable ways.

These are some of the remarkable stories we received:

1. #AfricaDay: “Lead the present and future generation to a new awareness” – Alpha Faye’s Story

2. #AfricaDay: “Building strong institutions is the most powerful weapon” – Glory Enyinnaya’s Story

3. #AfricaDay: “the building of a new Africa is in our hands” – Emmanuel Egbubine’s Story

4. #AfricaDay: “We aim to grow an indigenous economy” – Sia Alexander’s Story

5. #AfricaDay: “Education is the key to everything” – Fudia Suma’s story

6. #AfricaDay: “I volunteered to be a mechanic because water is life” – Foday Lansana’s Story

If you connect with Africa and the #AfricaRising narrative, and are actively contributing to it in any way, then we want to read your story and share it with the rest of the world!

We encourage you to share these stories across your network. Let the world know that Africa is indeed rising. The #AfricaRising story is ours to tell, and we must tell it boldly.