Tuesday, May 14, 2024

AOTR-Cover PhotoIn Africa, there is a great disconnect between dated Western perceptions and rapid changing realities on ground. Because of this misrepresentation, Africa which has the youngest population (65% of Africa’s total population is below 35 years) is not leveraging the right conversations and networks that will foster development and economic prosperity across the continent.

Africa-OnTheRise founded by Kingsley Iweka, is committed to highlighting and propagating the positive changing realities of the African continent. This platform is changing the African conversation by monitoring, analyzing and sharing qualitative content about Africa’s rising potential, fostering development through the power of information and inspiring hope by humanizing the process of positive change.

Africa-OnTheRise is providing the entire continent of Africa and the rest of the world with a different view of Africa and Africans. It is succeeding in inspiring more people to get involved in the renaissance of Africa, and build a better economy and reality for the continent.

Africa-OnTheRise is the Winner of the World Summit Awards for Digital Innovation.

WSYA-Winners-Seal-2016Africa-OnTheRise is also the Winner of the 2016 African Blogger Awards for the main category as well as another category:

  1. Best Blog about Africa
    Africa-OnTheRise Wins African Blogger Awards for Top Blog about Africa
  2. Best Social Issues and Active Citizenship Blog
    Africa-OnTheRise Wins African Blogger Awards for Top Social Issues and Active Citizenship Blog