Unveiling a New Digital Home for African Success Stories and Innovations

AfricaOnTheRise, the leading online platform dedicated to showcasing and promoting positive stories, innovations, and developments across the African continent, is thrilled to announce its move to a new web address. Formerly known as, the platform has transformed into, taking the African success story to new heights.

The decision to change our web address was driven by our commitment to constantly evolve and improve, ensuring that we provide the best platform possible for highlighting Africa’s achievements. is more than just a web address change; it represents our dedication to be at the forefront of showcasing the remarkable potential, growth, and excellence coming out of Africa.

The new embodies our core mission of celebrating African success stories, entrepreneurship, technology, arts and culture, social impact, and more.

“Our transition to is an exciting milestone in our journey to amplify African success stories and drive positive change across the continent,” said Kingsley Iweka. “Through our enhanced platform, we aim to provide a comprehensive resource that celebrates the innovation, creativity, and resilience that define Africa. We invite individuals, organizations, and the global community to join us on this inspiring journey.”

With the new web address, remains committed to its vision of fostering a more inclusive and prosperous Africa. The platform will continue to serve as a springboard for emerging entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and change-makers, while shining a spotlight on the diverse talents and opportunities that exist within the continent.

Connect with like-minded professionals, explore groundbreaking innovations, and be inspired by the latest African success stories via

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