Own Your Journey to Studying or Living in a New Country

Recently on Twitter, someone shared their experience of how they travelled to Finland for studies with only €700.

They arrived a new country and continent with nothing more than sheer faith and belief that all will be sorted. Fortunately, from the moment they arrived Finland, everything seemed to work out providentially for them; from meeting fellow Nigerians at the train station, to finding accommodation and help securing a job while doubling as a student in a foreign land.

Their story sparked a lot of awe and drew a lot of inspiration, the typical “dare to dream it and you can achieve it” story with the happy ending we all love to hear and read about.

However, the sad reality is that, not everyone will have the same outcome. In fact, statistically speaking, more people in the same situation will have a less than pleasant experience than the one described above. We just do not hear about their own stories. We mostly only hear about the success stories, which, quite frankly is just as important.

For a lot of people, the challenge is in finding the right information, support or clear pathway to actualizing their valid desire to move to another country for studies or to start a new life. Without mincing words, it can be a jungle out there, with many individuals and organizations fronting as travel agents or consultants but not providing true value.

Regardless, the truth remains that it will always be a better experience and greater guarantee for success, if you have help navigating the process of studying or travelling abroad. There are just too many aspects and intricacies that luck may not be able to overcome in most cases.

What if upon arriving a strange land where you do not speak their language, you were received at the airport by someone from your native community who is already in the country as a student or resident there? What if you had help processing all your travel documents and other logistics without any upfront payment until the process is successfully completed? What if the school was pre-informed of your arrival and had been contacted to help you secure a job even within your campus or in close proximity to your school or hostel?

What if you had the backing of an international organization that has been involved with travel, logistics and human rights advocacy for almost two (2) decades and operations across three (3) continents globally?

XplorerGlobal Consulting Limited with offices in Canada and Nigeria, has helped thousands of people achieve their various travel and relocation needs. For study travels particularly, XplorerGlobal is dedicated to providing international students with vital and resourceful assistance and support with their educational journey, ensuring that with proper guidance and information they succeed in their goals and academic dreams.

While it’s okay to have faith and belief that everything will work out great for you in a foreign land, with little or no connection or existing ground work prior to your arrival. Why risk it though?

Don’t let the cost of quality advisory services set you on a journey where you have little or no control over the outcome. Be free to explore your dreams around the world, with XploreGlobal Consulting Limited.

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