RF Gardens unveils ‘The Garden Ikoyi’, a sanctuary for happiness in the heart of Lagos

RF Gardens has unveiled “The Garden Ikoyi”, an urban green space intervention, to provide a sanctuary for happiness and wellness in the heart of Lagos city. It is a delightful addition to the city’s green infrastructure and has been described by the Lagos State Parks and Gardens agency (LASPARK) as a “milestone” and an important investment that RF Gardens is making on behalf of the city.

Following this unveiling, residents and visitors in Lagos state can now visit the Garden Ikoyi, along Alfred Rewane road, to reconnect with nature and take in the exquisite blend of urban design and nature preservation, right in the heart of the bustling city.

With growing concerns around environmental pollution and its impact on human health and the city itself, the Garden Ikoyi offers an innovative approach to increase the quality of the city’s settings, promote sustainable lifestyles, as well as improve both the health and the well-being of Lagos residents and visitors.

Built with recycled container cases and precast concrete, both environmentally friendly building materials, the Garden Ikoyi also sets the pace for sustainable building and environmental consideration in Lagos. “It is at the intersection of urban design and nature preservation and serves as a relaxation and tourist attraction right in the heart of the city and the towering high-rises it sits in between,” said Israel Olaoluwa, Lead Architect, RF Gardens.

Founded on a deep love and respect for nature, RF Gardens believes that an urban green space such as the Garden Ikoyi, is an important investment that any local, state, or federal authority can make on behalf of their people and their well-being. RF Gardens is on a journey to reunite people with nature and share its immense benefits for wellness and restoration with residents and the city itself.

“By building The Garden Ikoyi, we will not only introduce a sanctuary in the bustling city of Lagos, but we will also increase awareness of environmental issues and leverage growing appreciation for plants and eco-friendly lifestyle to contribute to environmental sustainability of Lagos state,” says Tolu Olusoga, Managing Director, RF Gardens.

In designing the future of liveable cities like Lagos, urban nature must play a critical role, considering the far-reaching impact of pollution and congestion the city is presently faced with. “Bringing nature back into the midst of city dwellers, as has been done with the Garden Ikoyi, holds potential for immense benefits ranging from health and well-being to environmental pollution mitigation and much more,” Tolu adds.

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