Football betting guide – tips and strategy

    With advancements in smartphone technology, satellite sports TV channels, and online bookmakers, football betting has exploded greatly over the last decade. Football is the game of choice for millions of online sports punters and there’s no shortage of self-acclaimed experts. However, most people who bet on football regularly lose their wagers.

    The simple tips and strategies on this football betting guide will help you reduce the house edge when playing your wager at Betway and increase your winning chances.

    Understanding the Market Breakdown

    Before you deposit your stake in any online bookie, it’s wise to start by understanding the most common markets in football betting. These markets include:

    • Match result – You predict the team that will win the game or if it’ll be a draw.
    • Double Chance – The odds are significantly reduced, but you can use it to cover two out of the three outcomes in a football match.
    • Goals Over/Under – This market lets you bet on whether the total number of goals in a match will be higher or lower than a certain number.
    • Correct Score – The market is known to have some of the biggest odds in football betting, but it’s also among the hardest to predict due to the amount of accuracy required.

    Finding Value

    While betting on football can seem easy, it’s essential only to place a wager where there’s value. As such, you must learn how to identify value. To understand the value, you must compare the odds given by Betway Zambia, one of the most favorited bookie, and the probability of the outcome occurring.

    If you think an event is more likely to occur than the bookmaker’s odds are indicating, then there’s value, and that outcome is worth betting. However, some bookies offer better odds on certain markets, so it may be worth checking the odds from other operators too.

    Bankroll Management

    Most recreational bettors fail in football betting due to poor bankroll management, and they end up losing their money too fast. The bankroll is the amount of cash that you’ve set aside for sports betting. This money should only be the amount you can afford to lose.

    To avoid losing your entire bankroll in a few football bets, you should avoid betting too much or chasing losses. That means wagering about 5% of your bankroll per wager or try determining the amount of stake based on the value of the bet. That means the more value that a bet has, the bigger the stake. It’s also essential to consider:

    • The value of the bet
    • Potential return
    • Confidence level
    • Previous results

    A good bankroll management system allows you to slowly increase your stakes as you continue winning without chasing losses. That helps you focus on making smart decisions and not desperate ones.

    Using Statistics

    While you may have an encyclopedia of football knowledge in your head, its important to check the statistics when placing wagers. Fortunately, there’s a huge range of online sources that will give you that information for free. That includes everything from current form, fitness & suspensions, defensive & attacking stats, and incentive to win. However, you might need to dive deeper as the stats don’t always tell the full story.

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