Jhaki, new digital logistics platform launches in Nigeria

The prospects of logistics in Africa are brighter with the recent launch of Jhaki – a digital platform that helps shippers including importers and manufacturers enjoy hassle-free and no-wahala movement of goods within the country by connecting them with truck owners and other carriers.

Similar to advanced technologies for taxi hailing, the Jhaki Platform features include advanced booking, real time tracking, proof of delivery, automated receipts and a fair pricing structure. It is safe to say that, “Jhaki.com is reinventing freight transportation in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.”

The platform which launched in June 2019 has already served several customers connecting them to pre-qualified and verified carriers registered on the Jhaki.com platform.

According to Brainerd Odiete, Director of Strategy and Growth Initiatives of CRS Intermodal Group and promoters of Jhaki.com, the platform seeks to empower carriers and intelligently moving freight will create unprecedented economic opportunities in the logistics space while allowing shippers to book reliable, affordable and high-quality loads.

Mr. Odiete goes further to explain that customers changing behavior and expectations will have the greatest impact on logistics going forward and Jhaki seeks to evolve a customer-centric logistics business enabled by the latest and most reliable technologies. In his own words, he explains that “Customer expectations are increasing greatly.

Both individuals and businesses expect to get goods faster, more flexible, and – in the case of consumers – at low or no delivery cost. Manufacturing is becoming more and more customized, which is good for customers but hard work for the logistics industry. Add it all up and the sector is under acute and growing pressure to deliver a better service at an even lower cost. It can only hope to do this by making maximum and intelligent use of technology, from data analytics to automation, to the ‘Physical Internet’. This promises lower costs, improved efficiency, and the opportunity to make genuine breakthroughs in the way the industry works. But ‘digital fitness’ is a challenge for the sector, which is currently lagging many of its customers in this respect. This is where Jhaki seeks to play and dominate – Smart Logistics.”

We believe that Jhaki.com exists to serve the logistics needs of both one-off and frequent importers, exporters, and manufacturers who seek a reliable, efficient and seamless movement of goods within the country either through the use of container trucks on road, wagons on rail tracks, and barges on inner waterways. We provide and maintain the platform where both shippers can meet verified and trusted carriers at affordable rates. Our value proposition lies in our focus on our customers, our deep understanding of their changing needs and preferences and our connection to our target customer base. At Jhaki, we have one goal and that is to make the movement of goods a better experience through the intelligent use of technology, data analytics, and ‘Physical Internet’.

Continuing, Mr. Yemi Kushimo, Marketing and Business Development Lead for Jhaki.com, explains that one thing that sets Jhaki apart from other logistics companies is that Jhaki offers its customers the option of moving goods through road, rail, and inland water. When logistics practitioners have the advantage of choosing the best mode of transport for their operations, efficiency and profitability will be enhanced. The cost of transport will also reduce thereby improving the quality of service to our customers and the gridlock being currently experienced in some ports will be non-extent.

Intending customers of Jhaki can start enjoying Jhaki’s smart logistics simply by logging on to the Jhaki website www.jhaki.com  or by downloading the mobile app on Google play store to complete a job order form, state their logistics need, get instant pricing and make payment online. Once a job is confirmed, customers can track the status and movement of their goods through a dedicated portal.

With Jhaki’s transparent pricing structure, real-time shipment tracking and a rich pool of reliable carriers, we are reinventing freight transportation in Nigeria and Sub-saharan Africa. Whether you are an importer or large manufacturer, Jhaki provides you a platform to find reliable carriers and manage all your shipments on one smart and convenient platform.

For logistics practitioners, these are certainly exciting times and we can all hold our breath to see how far Jhaki’s smart logistics moves the needle in logistics forward.

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