We can make Zimbabwe a first-world economy – Zim People First

Opposition Zimbabwe People First which is led by Dr Zeb Shumba has said that Zimbabwe has enough resources to transform the country into a first-world economy.

The party has pledged that it will resuscitate the industry which is currently in a parlous state following the departure of several investors due to policy inconsistency and political and economic instability.

ZimFirst also pledged to implement decentralisation in the form of devolution so as to give autonomy to regional or local authorities over the revitalisation of their communities.

The party also said that in its endeavour to transform the economy, there shall be proper and continuous audits of the mineral reserves so as to ensure accountability. Shumba, in a speech read on his behalf, said that the party will make sure that minerals benefit the local people.

The party also said that it aims at the modernisation of transport infrastructure.

Zim First also said that it will modify the national education curricula so that graduates from local learning institutions are equipped to meet the needs of first-world economies.

The party also pledged to revive the Agriculture sector by giving support to farmers. Zim First also said that there shall be markets offering competitive prices for farmers produce.

Under the Zim First government, all workers will be appropriately appreciated and compensated for their work, the party said.

The party said that it is ready to transform Zimbabwe and will be launching its campaign in October this year.

Source: Pindula News

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