Kenya launches digital land registry to boost government revenues

Kenya has launched a digital land registry to improve service and boost government revenues.

Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Lands, Farida Karoney, told a media briefing in Nairobi that the government has been losing revenue under the manual land registry.

“With online-only land transactions, the government will be able close existing loopholes that have resulted in leakage of revenues,” Karoney said.

The launch of the digital platform comes after the government shut down the land registry for a period of two weeks.

Karoney said that the digital land registry will be operational in Nairobi immediately and the rest of the country by end of 2019.

The migration of the land information management system to the digital platform will also increase the speed of delivery of government services, she said.

“The digitization of all land records will reduce the turnaround time for land transactions in the country,” Karoney added.

Measures have been taken to ensure that digital land records are secured from cyber criminals, she said.

“We have deployed several layers of protection to ensure that there will be no unauthorized access to land records,” Karoney said.

Land fraud, which has been prevalent in the country, will soon be eliminated through the digitization of all land transactions, she added.

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