Tourism unaffected by recent Zimbabwe events

By Dorine Reinstein

Tour operators report that tourism areas have been unaffected by the political turmoil in Zimbabwe.

President Robert Mugabe’s resignation on Nov. 22 came shortly after lawmakers began impeachment proceedings against him. Mugabe, who ruled Zimbabwe for more than 37 years, is expected to be succeeded by Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The news of Mugabe’s resignation has been greeted with celebrations in the streets of Zimbabwe. Tour operators there have reported that the situation on the ground remains peaceful.

“Zimbabwe remains as calm and peaceful as ever, and indications are that there is no need for travelers to consider changing their plans to visit the country. If anything, the situation has improved as any potential uprising has been averted, thanks to Mugabe having resigned rather than him having been toppled,” said Henk Graaff, managing director at SW Africa.

“The whole country is very peaceful after the announcement that Robert Mugabe has resigned. We do not anticipate any violence, just celebrations,” said Trish Mambinge of Shearwater Adventures. “There is no need for people to be afraid to visit.”

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a statement saying that travelers should continue to exercise caution when traveling around the capital, avoiding large gatherings and any demonstrations.

SOURCE: Travel Weekly

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