Exciting news for African students about online courses

There are exceptional times ahead for the people of Africa, whatever their age, as easy access to edtech is coming their way this October. The ability to find the right online courses will become a whole lot easier with the relaunch of www.apps-for-learning.com, with its new layout and optimized structure. There is no longer any excuse for not improving career prospects, even for those living in rural parts of Africa; so long as there is an internet connection, apps-for-learning.com will provide affordable options to m-learning and online courses, including improvement of skills, further education, online degrees and preparation for medical exams.

The easy-to-use new structure has been specially designed to reflect and respond to all the positive response the site has received over the past few months. It offers a stimulating selection of the most suitable e-learning providers, their products, including online courses, making e-learning in Africa, not just extremely viable, but also inspiring for those who thought m-learning was not possible in their particular situation. The site is for everyone in Africa who wants to better themselves and to further their career, as each provider singles out its own niche market, covering all different ambitions and aims. It especially targets African students who want to improve their overall skills, those who wish to obtain that all important degree and professionals who would like to continue their education through edtech.

The website’s founder, Jens Ischebeck, had a passion to expand the overview of edtech in Africa, where e-learning has been neglected because of access problems to advanced education systems. Whether it is for young people, students, lecturers or professionals wishing to improve their opportunities, he wants to encourage everyone to invest time in themselves. The original apps-for-learning.com website was created in January 2016 and received so much positive feedback, inspiring him to fine-tune it to peoples specific requirements with regards to all aspects of e-learning and online courses; hence the relaunch. This, in turn, will provide a much better and simpler access to further education for all African students.

With so much untapped talent in Africa, it is important to give encouragement and to make edtech access easier for the many who wish to improve themselves and their prospects. He goes on to say, “Although I’m situated in Germany, I am passionate about encouraging the (educational) development of the African people and their countries. For many years now, I have been involved in projects in Africa and its various different territories. Given this, I want to contribute to a better access to education for young people and students in Africa”. As soon as a visitor arrives at the website, the easy navigation becomes obvious and the mantra which greets them is, ‘Boost your personal skills! Wherever you are – whenever you want – Online; E-learning and M-Learning – For African students and lecturers – make your choice!’ An online course guide for Africa is offered and it is easy to discover the most appropriate course provider.’

To all African people who are looking to further their education and improve career prospects, a visit to apps-for-learning.com is imperative. See how simple it is to get an overview about the edtech market in Africa: this includes a complete guide to, not just e-learning, but also m-learning for those on the go. Jens Ischebeck is passionate about helping everyone because, as he says, “I believe in the strong development of many African countries over the coming years”.

The site provides the following:

  • e-learning overview – especially about the African edtech market, describing the current e-learning situation together with informative background data
  • e-learning providers – a simplified method of finding the most suitable edtech provider by way of an overview of the various global and regional African edtech suppliers and their products
  • e-learning motivation – this is essential when working alone; here it is possible to clearly see and compare edtech providers who will deliver the requirements and fulfill specific aims

Following the September relaunch, the choice of online courses will be extensive. This means that all African students will have much greater opportunities opened up to them, allowing that amazing talent to grow through further education. Regardless of personal aims, apps-for-learning.com will show the way to enhancing skills, obtaining an online degree and assistance with medical exam preparation. Ambition and success is now well and truly possible for all Africans with a desire to learn how to better themselves.

The website apps-for-learning.com is available in English, French and Arabic language.

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