What’s the Buzz about this Delicious new Food Pop-up coming to Lagos

Lagos is not just the life of the party. Lagos is the party! The lights never go out in this city that never sleeps, and the dawn of a new day always comes with a thrill. You know you are in for a treat as you usher it in.

Sitting on the flanks of Nigeria, probably the most culturally diverse country in Africa, Lagos is the place you want to go for a complete experience. Beyond the diversity of tribes or languages spoken is a diversity that transcends the usual. Variety is the soundtrack of the city, and you can hear it flow to the cadence of your heartbeat as you move or dance.

Everybody wants to come to Lagos. The biggest events in Africa happen here, trends are born here and the world always has an eye out for what is new or happening here. If it is cool here, it is cool anywhere. Those who refer to it as the pulse of Africa have a point. Imagine a world without Lagos. No, don’t do it.

Lagosians love a good life and they have great taste. You see that in the music they consume, their fashion choices and even their food; especially their food. Have you ever been to a food festival in Lagos? Have you ever experienced that? Everyone you know who has been to one is frantically searching for the next one, right now. You can bet on that.

When you ask people about great date ideas, you hear about cinemas, theatres, art galleries, beaches and restaurants. If you ask around while in Lagos, someone is going to mention food festivals, and the person will be absolutely spot on. To get the complete Lagos experience, you need to take your taste buds on a journey that starts and ends with food. Let the chefs be your tour guides. A date by your side enhances that experience – if you know, you know.

There’s a sweet-sounding gale sweeping through Lagos right now. There are loud whispers here and there, plans getting rescheduled, and people talking. Vendors, chefs and exhibitors are jostling for slots and spaces. But why is there so much talk about it? Ah! It’s a food pop-up!

There’s a buzz around town, that Lagos is playing host to a one-of-a-kind food pop-up, and tickets are selling fast. Put together by Nania by Achimba, an African food, culture and lifestyle purveyor, the “Taste of Ghana Food Festival Pop-up” is a regional food, culture and tourism event that promises to use food as a paddle to journey through African cities, uniting everyone.

Many people have been wanting to visit Ghana purely for its cuisine. Petty jollof wars aside, you will struggle to find a Nigerian gastronomer who hasn’t thought about it, especially the ones who have tried one or two delicacies. This event gives everyone an opportunity to not only experience the gamut of Ghanaian cuisine, but also learn about the special recipes and ingredients from the chefs and exhibitors so they can make them too.

The tastings will be accompanied by live cooking demonstrations of the processes involved. It is the complete package. Yet, the biggest draw is the experience. This event is best attended in the company of someone or in a group. There are certain things in life that one should not do alone. This is one of them. Trying to properly put into words your experience at a food festival in Lagos, exploring Ghanaian cuisine, is a hell of a task. Sometimes, words just aren’t enough.

I will be taking my date to The Garden, Ikoyi on the 19th of September, because this is at the top of the list of events I would not miss for the world. I want to feel the frenzy that only Lagos can give while exploring a cuisine that only Ghana can give. If Lagos is the pulse of Africa, then Ghanaian cuisine is the heartbeat of Africa’s culinary excellence. See you there!

Get Your Tickets here: https://www.naniabyachimba.com/product-page

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