Dappled Things out now on OkadaBooks

Dappled Things, a fiction novella written by Iweka Kingsley is now available on OkadaBooks after its initial publication in 2013 by Partridge Publishing. It has a dashing new cover and has been refreshed and revised by the writer for a more pleasant digital reading experience on the OkadaBooks platform.

Dappled Things“Brian paused here, but the priest remained silent. So, he continued. “You see Father. I turned out a monster, just like my father was. Now, I will die just like he did.”

The above line perhaps captures the ethos of this story—one of a vicious cycle; as much of the characters that this story is about as of the country in which they live. Dappled Things tells a story with many contours; leaving you with a range of emotions from grief to love. You leave this book however with faith and with hope.

An excerpt of the DAPPLED THINGS was recently published on BellaNaija here: https://www.bellanaija.com/2019/05/bn-excerpt-dappled-things-kingsley-iweka/

When the book was first published in 2013 it enjoyed warm reception and rave reviews. Dappled Things was reviewed on ‘Moments with Mo‘ on EbonyLife TV and featured as the Author of the Month in the March 2014 edition of Genevieve Magazine.

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