Ethiopia completes GERD’s 9 Million cubic meter concrete filling

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) main dam concrete filling has been completed by 9 million cubic meters while Sadel Dam project concrete filling reached 11.3 million cubic meters.

GERD project manager Engineer Semegew Bekele has recently given general brief about the status of the dam construction for journalists who visited the dam. He said 10.1 million cubic meter concrete filling is needed to reach the full length of the dam which is 145-meters-high above sea level and 1,780 meters width.

Additionally, hydroelectric mechanical and civil works of two power generator stations, which are found beneath, is underway. The construction of emergency controlling doors, for sudden and high-water overflow, is accelerating.

As for Sadel Dam, 11.3 million cubic stone filling was accomplished for 16.5 million cubic meter stone is needed to fill the 5.2 kilo meters length and 50 meters width. He also said that number of workers in the construction of the GERD which was 13 thousand has decreased to 9 thousand due to the fact that when the dam grows in length its width gets smaller and machinery and man power is less needed.

The total status of the GERD project has also reached 63% currently.

SOURCE: All Africa

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